Step One

Buy a large foam core board, size of your choosing, our was approximately 4feet by 3feet

Step Two

Design and print out the words you’re going to be making. What I did was design mine out on Illustrator on a 4×3 foot canvas size, then printed them out on standard paper size, and stitched them together. You’ll want to cover the back of the paper with graphite, then place it over your foam core and trace over the outline with a pencil. This will copy it over to the foam core.

Step Three

The first push pins you want to put on, are the ones that will outline the words, this will ensure an even and clean open space inside the letter forms

Progress Report!

Just a progress photo of how it looks! Coming together~

Step Four

Outline is done, next up will be to put push ins completely around the border of the foam core board, that way you have a clean edge to the whole thing, instead of jagged push pins ends. (we didn’t do it that way, and it wasn’t too perfect at the end)

Step Five

Begin to work your way outward from the letters

Progress Report

Halfway there! It took us all in all about a month, working on the weekends, it was really therapeutic!

Step Six

Make your final adjustments, you may need to move push pins around, close up gaps, ect. But in the end it’ll look like this!

Push Pin-ception!

Step Seven

Hanging it up, we used thick twine in the back, glued with gorilla glue on each corner, then using a nail, hung the twine onto the nail on the wall!


And voila! It’s done! 1 month, $30 and 5000 push pins later!

ProTip: Buy alot of push pins in advance, we bought them as we went along, and unfortunately, no two batches of push pins are the same color 🙁
Typographic Wall Art Poster made of over 5000 push pins, “Fail Harder”