A family owned institution, Home Land Brokers has been in the real estate game for many successful years. Recently, Teddy became a real estate agent for Home Land Brokers. Young and enthusiastic, he wanted to make a name for himself. Though he has served people of all ages and backgrounds, Teddy wanted to stand out to his own age demographic; millennials. Never having gone through an identity rebranding I came in and walked him through the entire process. The outcome was a very successful complete brand overhaul.

Project scope included art direction for the parent branch- Home Land Brokers where a more up to date logo was created, then the process for Teddy T began where we created his logo, business cards, print collateral such as letterheads and envelopes, and social media material. A branding guideline was also created for Teddy T so that he could make any future additions that he needed with his new brand guidelines to help him.