Avant Sports is a bicycle manufacturer whose bicycle brands can be found throughout the world with it’s primary presence here in the states. What sets Avant Sports apart from other companies of it’s kind is that they own their own manufacturing factory, this grants them the ability of full creative and quality control.

6KU bikes is their average commuter brand with a catalog of bikes that covers fixed gear to road bikes. During my time with Avant Sports I had the privilege of leading the Art Direction for their various brands as well as designing the bikes for the 2017 seasons. From Track Bikes to City Bikes, I’ve created spec sheets and production files and was able to see the entire production process from start to finish. Below is just a small glimpse of some of the bikes I’ve designed. Specifically two colors for 6KU Bikes 8 Speed Commuters.


During my time with Avant Sports, they had not yet gone through a thorough Branding and Identity procedure. I had the privilege of branding Avant Sports. I led the art direction for the logo of Avant Sports, directing freelancers through it’s creation. As for business cards, I created the following custom cards for all employees of the company.

The cards are both letter pressed and have spot UV coating. Made to stand out from it’s competition during events and client meetings these cards are a real jaw dropper.


Aventon Bikes, the premiere brand of Avant Sports, specializes in Track Bikes and has a Factory Team that participates in many events annually including the Wolf Pack Hustle and the Red Hook Crits. I’ve had the privilege of designing the sets and layouts of many of the events that Aventon was apart of including the 2016 Interbike event in Las Vegas.

During 2017 Aventon held it’s first annual Warehouse Sales Event, entitled BIKE$CHILL, and once more I had the privilege of leading the design and art direction for the event. Aside from layout design and general printwork and banners, I also designed the flyers that we passed out to Dealers and Customers alike. Below is the flyer showcasing the location of Aventon as well as the layout of the event. 


6KU’s best seller is their Fixie bicycles. During the 2017 year 6KU Bikes began a campaign to start Co-Branding with companies and universities throughout the states. Having prior experience in Co-branded bike designs from Pure Fix Cycles, I led the design on the campaign. Below is just one example of many Co-Brands with 6KU Bikes and Pig Pen.