Beards are exclusive macbook decals that give users the ability to brand their MacBooks uniquely as their own. The decals cover the apple logo on the front of the screen and using the illumination of the logo they create the face of the decals.

The branding for BEARDS is meant to be minimal with an iconic logo and typeface that work together. Also created were the first 40 decals that customers could purchase for their MacBooks. Seen below is the logo, initial sketches for the decals, digitized versions of the decals, and the applied decals on the MacBooks.


The print collateral and marketing assets created for BEARDS were meant to be first and foremost eye catching. Shown below are the marketing flyers, the decal application instructions, promotional material, and packaging used for the decals. The tools used were exclusively Adobe Illustrator for all illustrations and Cameo Silhouette for the decal production. The scope of the project covered branding and identity creation, promotional materials, product photography and packaging design.